Meet Topxgun at DroneShow in Sao Paulo, Brasil! -


Meet Topxgun at DroneShow in Sao Paulo, Brasil!

Meet Topxgun at DroneShow in Sao Paulo, Brasil!

May 13, 2024

Topxgun invited all the customers who are interested in the Drone technology and UAV industry, If you want to discover win-win opportunities for collaboration, welcome to come to the show and visit our booth for further discuss!


Join Topxgun at the DroneShow in Brazil! From 21-23 May, we'll be showcasing our latest innovations and solutions in the UAV industry. Get ready to explore our drone technology, meet our team of experts, and discover the cooperation opportunities. Don't miss out!


Date: 21-23 May, 2024

Stand 1: No. 339

Stand 2: No. 162

Address: Expo Center Norte-Yellow Pavilion, Sao Paulo, Brasil

Exhibition Model: FP600 Agricultural Drone

50L spray tank, 76L spread tank, max 60kg payload


High-strength aluminum frame, IP67 protection level


Spreading Solution: Optional Air-Blowing Mode or Centrifugal Mode

Option 1: SP4 Air-Blowing Spreader

6 channel air-jet spreading, no harm to crops and drone body

Uniform spreading, 100kg/min feeding speed*


High-precision, low-dosage scenarios applicable, powdered materials supported


Option 2: SP5 Centrifugal Spreader

Dual-roller material discharging, efficient & accurate

Strong spreading power, 8m spreading width achievable

200kg/min feeding speed*


Suitable for large fields and high-efficiency operations


Orchard Mode: Easy Operation for All Terrains

3D + AI identification, precise 3D flight routes

Rapid mapping, intelligent route planning

One-click upload, fast operations


Suitable for complex environments like mountains, hills, orchards, etc.


Dual-Battery System, Active Heat Dissipation

External 20Ah battery*2

Extended flight time, lower operational temperature through wind fields


9000W dual-channel air-cooling charger ensures fast charging and continuous operations


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