TopXGun Orchard Mode - Easy Operation in All


TopXGun Orchard Mode - Easy Operation in All Terrains

TopXGun Orchard Mode - Easy Operation in All Terrains

Nov 30, 2023



TopXGun has launched a new orchard mode, which, combined with TopXGun Mapping software, allows for quickly 3D reconstruction and precise 3D flight routes planning. This new feature is primarily designed for complex terrains such as orchards and mountain slopes, achieving efficient and accurate pesticide spraying.


Precise 3D flight routes planning

Key Features

Complex scenes: Large fields, mountains, hills, orchards

Based on a 3D model, plan the optimal flight path of the drone to ensure that every tree is evenly sprayed and reduce repetitive operations.


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Efficient operation: Rapid mapping and precise route planning

Using high-resolution camera equipment, drones are able to capture images of orchard from multiple angles, and generate 3D models of orchards using TopXGun Mapping.


Multi-mode materials: Large amount of liquid, particles, and powders

Conducting pest and disease control, fertilization at different stages of crop growth to achieve stable and increased yields.


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Night mode: Meet full-time operation requirements

Rapid prevention and control of pests and diseases, continuous operation throughout the day, convenient for users to operate.




Surveying and mapping: Long-term use of one-time surveying and mapping

As the growth of general orchard is relatively slow, the surveyed photos can be used for 1-2 years.


Route planning: Free flight route & Regional planning

We have designed two flight route planning modes for different operation scenarios:

Free flight route: For fields with significant topographic relief and irregularly planted ridges, we can manually add flight routes.

Regional planning: For relatively flat terrain, simply select the operation area within the selection box, and the operational route will be generated automatically.


Quick operation: Automatic synchronization and free sharing

After planning the route, it will be automatically synchronized to the agriculture assistant account, and can be shared or deleted using the WeChat mini program.


Call route: Select mode for flight operation

Log in to the agriculture assistant account, download the planned route to the remote control, adjust the operation parameters according to the prevention and control needs, then start the flight operation.


FP500 agriculture drone


For now, Topxgun FP500 agriculture drone and FP600 agriculture drone support the Orchard Mode. Please contact us for more details.

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