Winter Maintenance and Storage Tips for Agricultural


Winter Maintenance and Storage Tips for Agricultural Drones

Winter Maintenance and Storage Tips for Agricultural Drones

Dec 18, 2023


As the winter season approaches, it's crucial for agricultural drone users to consider proper maintenance and storage practices to safeguard their valuable equipment. In this article, we'll delve into essential tips to help you preserve the functionality and longevity of your agricultural drones during the winter months. And yes, we'll touch upon how Topxgun crop spraying drones can meet these winter challenges effectively.


Cleaning and Inspection:

Before storing your agricultural drone for the winter, conduct a thorough cleaning. Remove any dirt, debris, or leftover chemicals from the previous season. Inspect the frame, propellers, and other components for wear and tear.


Battery Care:

Batteries are particularly sensitive to temperature fluctuations. It's crucial to store batteries in a cool, dry place. Remember to keep them partially charged to prevent over-discharge during the winter months.


Battery Storage Instructions:

For storage of a large number of batteries, it is recommended to keep 30cm between each storage unit.

Please avoid direct sunlight for more than 10min under any storage condition.

Battery storage environment should be maintained at room temperature (15°C - 35°C). Long-term storage above 35°C will accelerate the aging of the battery. Long-term storage at 0°C - 15°C may shorten the service time, but after several times of use at room temperature, the normal condition can be restored.

Battery storage should avoid a humid environment. Keep storage environment dry and not ventilated.

Battery storage locations should not be places where large items are often moved in and out to prevent accidental collisions.


Storage Environment:

Topxgun agricultural drones come with high-strength aluminum frames and IP67 protection, ensuring durability even in challenging environments. When storing your drone, choose a location away from extreme temperatures, moisture, and direct sunlight. A climate-controlled environment will help prevent damage to sensitive electronic components.


As you prepare your agricultural drone for winter storage, following these maintenance tips will go a long way in preserving its performance and ensuring a smooth start in the upcoming growing season. With Topxgun agricultural drones, you have a reliable partner designed to meet the challenges of agriculture, even in the harshest winter conditions.

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