TopXGun Unveils Two Agricultural Drones - FP600 and FP500 -


TopXGun Unveils Two Agricultural Drones - FP600 and FP500

TopXGun Unveils Two Agricultural Drones - FP600 and FP500

Sep 25, 2023


On September 23, 2023, Topxgun held 2024 New Product Launch Event in Nanjing, Jiangsu. With the theme "The Routes to Roots" this event brought together dealers and the press to witness the unveiling of Topxgun's new products for 2024.



The event kicked off with a welcome speech by CEO Yu Zhang who expressed warm greetings to the dealers from all over the country.



Following that, Co-CEO Liangliang Yin provided a comprehensive introduction to the company. As a technology company dedicated to innovation in unmanned aerial vehicles, Topxgun emphasized its commitment to reliability, effectiveness, and efficiency in agricultural drone products. With the higher demand for precision farming and crop management, Topxgun has raised the standard of this year's new products, rolling out two agricultural drones: FP600 and FP500.



Product Manager Fei Wang then delivered a detailed presentation on FP600 and FP500, instilling confidence in the attending dealers by the steadily improved product performance.



FP600 boasts a maximum payload of 60 kg, a spraying tank of 50L, and a spreading tank of 76L, significantly optimizing operation efficiency.



The spreading mode supports both SP5 centrifugal spreader and SP4 air-blown spreader. The new SP5 spreader is suitable for operations on large fields with high efficiency. It features double feeding roller which ensures high precision and strong spreading power. The spreading width reaches 8 meters and feeding speed 200 kg/min (for compound fertilizer). The SP4 is suitable for scenarios requiring high-precision and low-quantity, supports powder materials, adopts 6 air channels for gentle and uniform spreading, with a feeding speed of 100 kg/min (compound fertilizer as an example). Users can choose the appropriate spreader based on specific operation needs to enhance effectiveness and efficiency.



In spraying mode, this model is equipped with four centrifugal nozzles which are innovative wind-pressure centrifugal nozzles that combine functions of centrifugal and pressure nozzles. It provides uniform atomization with particle sizes ranging from 50-500μm. The flow rate is updated to 20L/min and a new peristaltic metering pump precisely controls dosage of liquids.


This model is equipped with two 20,000mAh batteries for extended flight time and a built-in wind field to reduce operational temperature. The 9000W dual-channel air-cooling charger ensures fast charging for continuous operations.


FP500 supports a maximum payload of 40 kg, a 40L spraying tank, and a 55L spreading tank. It can also adopt both SP5 and SP4 spreaders and perform the latest and most advanced autonomous flying function like FP600. For users working on small to medium-sized fields, it is an excellent choice.


After the launch of the two agricultural drones, Vice-GM for Technology Xiang Zhu introduced the brand-new Agricultural Assistant 2.0. With a more practical UI interface, stabler system responsiveness, and more intelligent planning algorithms, it provides users with a smoother operating experience. Topxgun also introduced a new application scenario --- the Orchard Mode. This mode is suitable for complex environments such as large fields, hills, and orchards. It allows for rapid mapping and intelligent planning through Topxgun's mapping software. The map can be uploaded by one click for fast operations. This mode has been tested in multiple ares and has demonstrated significant application potential. It is believed that users in mountainous and hilly regions will enjoy the intelligence and convenience of agricultural drones in the future.



To provide attendees with a more intuitive experience of the new products, Topxgun arranged an outdoor flight demonstration, showcasing drones in spraying, spreading, and orchard modes. The on-site dealers were greatly impressed by the visible product quality.



FP600 and FP500 are rolled out after our in-depth market analysis. In the future, Topxgun will continue to focus on the field of agricultural drones, creating products that adapt to market changes and meet user expectations.

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